Elevating Communication Excellence in Call Centres and Offices.

As a prominent leader in the realm of dynamic audio headsets, Lexound takes pride in delivering tailored solutions that redefine communication standards in call centres. With a global reach spanning thousands of companies, commitment to innovation and exceptional performance has garnered unwavering experince from call centers worldwide.

Beyond the ordinary

Transformed audio headsets from ordinary into extraordinary tools that drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and empower agents to reach their full potential.

Excellent Acoustic Performance


A structure made of LXR5 material which absorbs the shock energy and provides an outstanding strength. 


A long adjustable mic boom to capture the best sound of the voice right in front of the mouth. 


A bumper on each headset to provide maximum protection for inner electronic components

Double Braking

Double braking of the cable to withstand pulls of more than 50 kgs

Noise Cancelling 

A brand new generation directional noise cancelling microphone to stop a maximum of ambient noise.

Active Noise Enhancement 

A sound made crystal clear by Lexound’s new ANE process: Active Noise Enhancement