Exclaimer Cloud-Signatures for Office 365

Exclaimer can be configured to pass email signatures through your office 365 mailboxes in one of the three ways; server-side, client-side and a mix of both. In server-side configurations.

Exclaimer works by passing mail from your customer's office 365 mailbox through to Exclaimer's Azure servers. Afterwards, load-balanced Azure Servers add signatures to all emails sent from any device. For client-side and server-side configurations, email signatures are deployed to Outlook and are also passed through Azure.



Drag-and-drop signature design

Design professional email signature templates with a simple-to-use tool that can be used by anyone regardless of IT skill. Drag elements into your design and preview the finished layout as you work.


Intuitive signature configuration

Use settings to establish the behaviour for your email signatures to enforce your strategy. Assign specific signatures to teams and departments. Utilize advanced options like recipient targeting, scheduling, and reply rules.


Structure email signatures

Deploy email signatures as you see fit. Cover all email clients and devices that you need to including mobiles. Never worry about an unbranded, non-complaint email ever again.


Control access and ownership

Grant access privileges to multiple employees and assign admin or editor rights. Limit access and add folder security. Ensure only the right people deal with email signature management.


Marketing Channels

Use email signatures as a new marketing communication channel for your organization. Drive traffic, sales and business relationship through hyperlinks and transforms everyday emails into a valuable digital experience. Engage your audience attention with advertising banners.


Define & Secure with disclaimers

Adding an email disclaimer template, helps to minimize legal exposure. Issues like Defamation, Breach of confidentiality, Misdirected emails, Negligent misstatement, Employer's liability, Environmental issues and unintended contracts, make email disclaimers important to have for compliant communications.

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