Purchase Invoice is part of the Professional Package on Elastic.
What is a Purchase Invoice?
A purchase invoice is a document which gives details of your purchases. This document applies for purchase of goods/products, services or Assets.
Why do I need a Purchase Invoice?
The purchase invoice (PI) is a proof that you have purchased goods and services from the supplier concerned. As mentioned for Sales Invoices, in many countries the purchase invoice might be a regulatory requirement in terms of classifications for VAT or other tax purposes. It also helps to define if the purchased item is for re-sale, for expense or as an Asset.
Your purchase invoice can be sent by email to the purchaser if required.

Some of the fields that you may change in the template would be as follows:
  • Business Logo / Reference Code / Registration Number
  • Supplier Details / Supplier Type/ Credit Purchase / Cash Purchase
  • Status of Transaction / Date of Creation
  • Items Details such as Description / Quantity / Price / VAT Pricing / Discount / Total Amount
  • Date and total due amount
  • Terms and Conditions / Delivery Information / Signature
Other modules included in the Professional Package:
  • Stock – Goods Receipt Note / stock adjustment / Stock transfer / Inventory
  • Purchase Order / Debit Note
  • Make Payments / Advance Payments / Deposits
  • Pay Bills / Pay Invoices/ Advance Payment / Deposit Paid
  • Banking
  • Reports
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