Elastic Intervention Sheet
Intervention sheet is a module which forms part of an Elastic Support Package which includes Dashboard Display, Customer Management, Cases & Cases Tag, Cases Calendar and Intervention.
What is an Intervention Sheet?
 An intervention sheet is a document which describes a complaint, an issue or an event received from a customer which will be handled by a technician. Once the issue or the compliant or the event has been resolved, the technician will record the action taken and add his remarks to the document. The customer will in turn will be asked to sign the document accepting that the reported issue or complaint has been addressed.
The Intervention sheet which used to be manual is now fully digitalized to address different scenario.
Why do I need an Intervention Sheet?
An Intervention sheet is important for the supplier as well as the customer. It is important for the customer as a confirmation that the complaint has been registered. In case, he is leaving behind a device for repair, say, then he has a record that what exactly he has left behind with the supplier. It is important for the supplier as a twofold. First, the company has records of what has been accepted as device for repair, state of the device has been captured to show physical state and secondly, the office can follow up on stages of repairs.
All the above are done digitally and can be monitored at different stage of the operations.
Elastic Intervention Sheet
An intervention sheet is made up through a designed template to fit the activities of an organization.

A template for an Intervention sheet is where one defines the fields required in the operations. These are done via a set of questions and answers. Some questions have multiple answers, some field will only be answered by a YES or a NO and some fields could be just descriptive.

The Intervention sheet gives possibilities to capture texts, images and even documents which referred to a particular events, complaints or issues.
All Interventions may make to appear on the Calendar to better monitor dates and times of interventions required.

Modules included in the Support Package:
  • Dashboard Display
  • Customer Management
  • Cases & Tags
  • Cases Calendar
  • Intervention
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